High Performance Storage System

Incremental Scalability
Based on storage needs and deployment schedules, HPSS scales incrementally by adding computer, network and storage resources. A single HPSS namespace can scale from petabytes of data to exabytes of data, from millions of files to billions of files, and from a few file-creates per second to thousands of file-creates per second.
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The virtual HUF will be held on the following dates:

October 06, 07 (Week 1)
October 13, 14 (Week 2)
October 20, 21 (Week 3)


The HPSS Slack community will be used for discussion and questions during the HUF.
The virtual HUF will be presented via Webex. Registration with Webex will be required to attend. HUF invitations have been sent out via the HPSS community Slack channel and the HPSS site reflector. We encourage all users to attend.


There will be no cost to attend the virtual HUF event this year.

Session Start Times

Each event will be open at least 10 minutes prior to the first presentation slot -- please join early!
HUF invitations have gone out via the HPSS community Slack channel and the HPSS site reflector.


Red shading indicates restricted talks.  
Times (CDT)
Presentation Title Presenter, Org.
Oct 6
8:00 am + 5:00 pm
HPSS Collaboration Outlook Todd Heer, LLNL
Oct 6
8:30 am + 5:30 pm
HPSS Roadmap Michael Meseke, IBM
Oct 6
9:00 am + 6:00 pm
HPSS Futures Michael Meseke, IBM
Oct 6
9:30 am + 6:30 pm
HPSS Support Aaron Watson, IBM
Oct 7
8:00 am + 5:00 pm
A Unified Storage Namespace for High Performance Computing Todd Heer, LLNL
Oct 7
8:30 am + 5:30 pm
Sustainability of Tape Technologies Rich Gadomski, FujiFilm
Oct 7
9:00 am + 6:00 pm
IBM Tape Technologies Integration Shawn Brume, IBM
Oct 7
9:30 am + 6:30 pm
Spectra Logic Storage Technologies Matt Ninesling, Spectra Logic
Oct 13
8:00 am + 5:00 pm
HSB Status Michael Meseke, IBM
Oct 13
8:30 am + 5:30 pm
Containerization of HSI/HTAR clients Melinda Jacobsen, NERSC
Jon Procknow, IBM
Oct 13
9:00 am + 6:00 pm
HPSS Developer Q&A HPSS Developers
Oct 13
9:30 am + 6:30 pm
HPSSADM has/hac Tool Elena Summer, MPCDF
Oct 14
8:00 am + 5:00 pm
Change Management Plan to upgrade HPSS from 7.5.3 to 8.3u11 on a test system Jaime Pinto, SciNet
Oct 14
8:30 am + 5:30 pm
Test Results with Limited Availability release of HSB Guangwei Che, SLAC
Oct 14
9:00 am + 6:00 pm
SL8500 DataEvac(tm): migrating from Oracle SL8500 to Spectra TFinity Jose Rodriguez, LLNL
Geoff Cleary, LLNL
Oct 14
9:30 am + 6:30 pm
ATOS HPSS customers and community tool Romain Simonin, ATOS
Oct 20
8:00 am + 5:00 pm
General Site Update on Operations and Current Projects Nick Balthaser, NERSC
Oct 20
8:30 am + 5:30 pm
Performance Tuning and Testing Jon Procknow, IBM
Oct 20
9:00 am + 6:00 pm
HPSS Storage Archive Small File Disk Cache Hardware Refresh Gregg Gawinski, ORNL
Oct 20
9:30 am + 6:30 pm
Birds of a Feather All
Oct 21
8:00 am + 5:00 pm
General Site Update on Operations and Current Projects Brenna Miller, ORNL
Oct 21
8:30 am + 5:30 pm
GridKa Migration Progress Dorin Lobontu, KIT
Oct 21
9:00 am + 6:00 pm
Burning Issues Update Zach Stace, IBM
Oct 21
9:30 am + 6:30 pm
Burning Issues Update Zach Stace, IBM

Birds of a Feather

Host Discussion
Herb Wartens, LLNL Topic: ZFS ZVOLs as HPSS Disk Devices (could also include info about RHEL 8 & Ansible if the audience is interested)
Francis Dequenne, LBNL Topic: User Defined Attributes (UDAs)

Objective: Discuss about the use of User Defined Attributes at various sites, Evaluate the interest in this feature.

The BOF will give a chance to participants:
  • To have a short theoretical reminder about what UDAs are and how they can be used, given by a non-expert.
  • Hear about site experiences in how they use UDAs.
  • Explain areas where they could make use of UDAs.
  • Express frustrations and concerns about UDA use.
  • Identify what could help a broader acceptance of UDAs.
  • Define their relative interest in UDAs vs other HPSS/storage projects.

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Come meet with us!
2023 HUF
The 2023 HPSS User Forum (HUF) will be an in-person event scheduled October 30th through November 3rd, 2023, in Herndon, VA. This will be a great opportunity to hear from HPSS users, collaboration developers, testers, support folks and leadership (from IBM and DOE Labs). Would you like to Learn More? Please contact us if you are not a customer but would like to attend.

The 2023 international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis will be in Denver, CO from November 12th through 17th, 2023 - Learn More. As we have each year (pre-pandemic), we are scheduling and meeting with customers via IBM Single Client Briefings. Please contact your local IBM client executive or contact us to schedule a HPSS Single Client Briefing to meet with the IBM business and technical leaders of HPSS.

HPSS @ STS 2024
The 5th Annual Storage Technology Showcase is in the planning phase, but HPSS expects to support the event. Check out their web site - Learn More.

HPSS @ MSST 2024
The 38th International Conference on Massive Storage Systems and Technology will be in Santa Clara, California in May of 2024 - Learn More. Please contact us if you would like to meet with the IBM business and technical leaders of HPSS at Santa Clara University.

HPSS @ ISC 2024
ISC 2024 is the event for high performance computing, machine learning, and data analytics, and will be in Hamburg, Germany at the Congress Center Hamburg, from May 12th through May 16th, 2024 - Learn More. As we have done each year (pre-pandemic), we are scheduling and meeting with folks attending the conference. Please contact us meet with the IBM business and technical leaders of HPSS.

What's New?
HPSS 10.2 Release - HPSS 10.2 was released on February 16th, 2023 and introduces six new features and numerous minor updates.

HUF 2022 - The HPSS User Forum was hosted by IBM Houston in October 2021, at their IBM Houston Kurland building.

Celebrating 30 Years - Fall 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the High Performance Storage System (HPSS) Collaboration.

HPSS 10.1 Release - HPSS 10.1 was released on September 30th, 2022 and introduces fourteen new features and numerous minor updates.

Lots of Data - In March 2022, IBM/HPSS delivered a storage solution to a customer in Canada, and demonstrated a sustained tape ingest rate of 33 GB/sec (2.86 PB/day peak tape ingest x 2 for dual copy), while simultaneously demonstrating a sustained tape recall rate of 24 GB/sec (2.0 PB/day peak tape recall). HPSS pushed six 18-frame IBM TS4500 tape libraries (scheduled to house over 1.6 Exabytes of tape media) to over 3,000 mounts/hour.

DOE Announces HPSS Milestone - Todd Heer, Deputy Program Lead, Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) Facilities, Operations, and User Support (FOUS), announced that DOE High Performance Storage Systems (HPSS) eclipse one exabyte in stored data.

Atos Press Release - Atos boosts Météo-France’s data storage capacity to over 1 exabyte in 2025 to improve numerical modeling and climate predictions. Want to read more?

Capacity Leader - ECMWF (European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) has a single HPSS namespace with over 824 PB spanning over 556 million files.

File-Count Leader - LLNL (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) has a single HPSS namespace with over 78 PB spanning 1.746 billion files.

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