Hierarchical Storage Solution (HSS) Offering
High Performance StorageA complete, production ready solution consisting of IBM's Power, PureFlex or System x servers, pre-configured High Performance Storage System software, and on site integration of IBM or other vendor tape systems to lower total cost of ownership of your massive data store.

Hierarchical Storage Solution (HSS) Literature
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Hierarchical Storage Managment
IBM has reformulated an approach for customers needing to quickly address massive data storage requirements. Hierarchical storage management is recognized as the most durable, most compact, least expensive, and greenest solution for massive long-term data stores. The foundational architecture of hierarchical storage is a tape library with a disk cache front-end, enabling a massive tape system to appear to end users as a familiar disk file system. Recently stored or recently accessed data is automatically read from the disk cache, minimizing the number of tape reads.

While several product offerings exist, one solution - HPSS - has stood alone as the most scalable solution, and with its non-escalating price, by far the least expensive solution for massive data stores reaching out to the 100 petabyte capacity range.

Hierarchical Storage Solution (HSS)
The unique technology of the High Performance Storage System (HPSS) is now being made available in a smaller scale pre-packaged cluster offering that licenses only the essential software features of HPSS, combined with tape library deployment services in IBM's Hierarchical Storage Solution (HSS).

HSS offers the most widely used features of HPSS in a pre-configured offering. The HSS cluster consists of components of the IBM Power, PureFlex or System x server portfolio, selected by IBM to meet the functional and performance needs of your HSS installation. HPSS, the servers, and disk storage arrays are integrated and tested at your site and are configured for your pre-approved tape library and tape drives. The IBM Power, PureFlex or System x servers and HPSS come with a standard service contract, which may optionally be extended.

Together with a range of validated optional storage hardware upgrade offerings, HSS offers unparalleled value for a new hierarchical storage system facing a massive capacity future.

What's inside the new package?
         Core Server and Data Movers
HPSS is the only hierarchical storage manager designed from the beginning to make use of an extensible cluster platform. The IBM Power, PureFlex or System x basis for HSS uses a broad portfolio of Power and Intel servers, disk arrays and networking products to compose a robust and upgradeable platform. The HSS offering comes with a core server and can be initially configured with up to four data movers or later upgraded, at the customer's request, during the term of support to accommodate upgrades for dual disk caches and as many as 64 tape drives in multiple locally attached libraries.
HSS Architecture
You are not locked in!
At the end of your three year support term for HSS, you can renew your HSS contract. You can also "aspire" to the standard HPSS offering, all your HSS components can be re-used in a standard HPSS installation, or choose to "retire" your support for this hierarchical store.

You must always be sure you have the right to freely access and move your own data and storage system metadata. HPSS assures you that you will. HPSS tape formats are conventional and are not proprietary. IBM can provide services to identify and extract files from HSS created tapes without HPSS.

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What's New?
2017 HUF - The 2017 HPSS User Forum will be hosted by the high energy accelerator research organization Kō Enerugī Kasoki Kenkyū Kikō, known as KEK, in Tsukuba, Japan from October 16th through October 20th, 2017.

HPSS @ SC16 - SC16 is the 2016 international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis. SC16 will be in Salt Lake City, Utah from November 14th through 17th - Learn More. Come visit the HPSS folks at the IBM booth and schedule an HPSS briefing at the IBM Executive Briefing Center - Learn More

2016 HUF - The 2016 HPSS User Forum will be hosted by Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York City, New York from August 29th through September 2nd - For more information.

HPSS @ ISC16 - ISC16 is the 2016 International Supercomputing Conference for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis. ISC16 will be in Frankfurt, Germany, from June 20th through 22nd - Learn More. Come visit the HPSS folks at the IBM booth and schedule an HPSS briefing at the IBM Executive Briefing Center - Learn More.

Swift On HPSS - Leverage OpenStack Swift to provide an object interface to data in HPSS. Directories of files and containers of objects can be accessed and shared across ALL interfaces with this OpenStack Swift Object Server implementation - Contact Us for mor information, or Download Now.

Capacity Leader - ECMWF (European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) has a single HPSS namespace with 216 PB spanning 257 million files.

File-Count Leader - LLNL (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) has a single HPSS namespace with 62 PB spanning 940 million files.

ORNL - Oak Ridge National Laboratory cut redundant tape cost-estimates by 75% with 4+P HPSS RAIT and enjoys large file tape transfers reaching 872 MB/s.
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