HPSS System Administration Course 101

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Course Details:
Duration: 4.5 Days
Dates: September 23-27, 2013
Times: Monday - Thursday: 8:30AM - 5:00PM CDT
Friday: 8:30AM - 12:00PM CDT
Delivery Method: Instructor-led Classroom and Virtual Classroom
Language: English
Price: $3,500.00 US
Class Location: Option 1: Virtual Classroom (web-based)
Option 2: IBM Corporation
                 12301 Kurland Drive, Suite 300
                 Houston, Texas 77034
Registration Deadline: September 2, 2013
Payment/Cancellation Deadline: September 9, 2013

Intended Audience:

This course is targeted for IT professionals who are responsible for the configuration and administration of an HPSS solution (e.g., current or future HPSS system administrators) but also for people who are interested in learning more about HPSS.

Educational Objectives:

After completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose of major HPSS software components.
  • Plan, install and configure a basic HPSS system
  • Manage an HPSS system
  • Identify and resolve common operational problems
  • Utilize HPSS utilities and the HPSS command line interface

Delivery Type / Course Format:

The HPSS System Administration course will be delivered via a traditional instructor-led format with hands-on exercises. We are providing the option to participate via virtual classroom (web-based) delivery but without benefit of hands-on exercises and face-to-face collaboration with other students and instructors.

For the instructor-led virtual classroom option, registered students will have access via the web and will be sent a URL for the training session. The instructor will lead the class through the course material, which will be displayed for all students using IBM Smart Cloud Engage (see below). Students attending virtually will have the ability to participate to a large extent as if on-site (e.g., ask/answer questions electronically or verbally) but without benefits of exercises as well as collaboration and networking with other people.

Course Description:

The HPSS System Administration course offers an overview of the components that make up the HPSS software and the dependencies of these components on their environment in order to perform data storage services. It covers HPSS Release 7.

The class consists of the following:

Classroom Lectures

Discussion sessions with the HPSS experts: HPSS team members share their field experiences on HPSS/DB2 systems engineering, management, and troubleshooting.

System Installation

Instructors will lead classroom students through the installation process to configure a basic HPSS system. The system will be used to demonstrate HPSS functionality throughout the class. There will be hands-on exercises for students. Each student attending in-person for classroom instruction should bring a laptop to participate in the hands-on exercises. Virtual
classroom students will be unable to participate in hands-on exercises.

Important Pre-requisites:

Students should have previous AIX/Linux system administration experience or training.

The virtual classroom (web-based) training will utilize IBM Smart Cloud Engage, which supports various browsers, depending on your operating system. View https://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/social/us/en/systemrequirements/ for complete

Participation in hands-on exercises is included with course fees but is an optional activity. To participate in hands-on exercises, students attending in the course in Houston must bring a laptop computer with them to access Houston HPSS lab
machines and training resources. Sorry, we are unable to provide students with laptops or other computer resources to participate in exercises.

Registration, Payment and Cancellation Instructions:

  1. Please email the information in the registration form below to Joshua Hebert and Annette Hamala on or before the registration deadline of September 2, 2013. Please see contact information below.

  2. Payment methods are: (1) company issued purchase order, (2) company issued check, (3) credit card (American Express, Visa, or MasterCard), or (4) wire transfer. Please indicate the payment method on the registration form below. Based on the payment method, additional payment instructions will be provided to the student.
    Payment must be received prior to the payment deadline of September 9, 2013.

  3. Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received after September 9, 2013 are subject to a cancellation fee of 25% of the course fee. If there is a need to cancel, please notify Joshua Hebert and Annette Hamala.

  4. No-Show Policy: Participates that are registered for the course and fail to attend are subject to a no-show fee of 100% of the course fee.

Registration Information:

Please email us the following information to register:

Registration Form
  COURSE FORMAT CHOSEN (Option 1: Virtual Classroom   OR Option 2: In Person at IBM Houston)  

Course tuition does not include the following:

  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Travel Expenses
  • Transportation
Students attending this course should make arrangements ahead of time.

Joshua Hebert and Annette Hamala are good contacts for travel-related questions, directions, and other logistical information.


The HPSS class will be held in the IBM facility located at 12301 Kurland Drive, Suite 300, Houston, TX 77034. Driving information can be found on the HPSS website (http://www.hpss-collaboration.org/directions.shtml).

The IBM facility is on the third floor of the building and is access controlled, so you may have to wait for someone to let you inside. You will need to sign in and out once each day, and obtain an IBM visitor badge upon sign-in. Please return your badge when you leave at the end of the day and plan to use it the following day. The classroom will be close to the lobby and easy to see once you are inside the facility.

Please note, when in the IBM facility, your assigned IBM badge must be visible and worn at all times.


All HPSS training is offered pursuant to terms and conditions equivalent to those set forth in IBM’s GSA IT Schedule #70. Use of HPSS software requires an executed HPSS License Agreement.

Contact Information:
For further information on the HPSS System Administration class, please contact Joshua Hebert at jmhebert@us.ibm.com, 713-797-4573 or Annette Hamala at ahamala@us.ibm.com or 720-395-1886.

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