High Availability Option for HPSS
IBM Global Services - Federal announces the High Availability option for HPSS. HA-HPSS* provides hardware redundancy for HPSS core servers, complementing the ability to configure redundancy in the data movers. The result is a mass storage system that remains on-line, in spite of failures in key hardware components.
High Availability Features: Components:
Minimize downtime
Automatically recover from:
  • Total failure of primary server computer
  • Power failure
  • Disk failure
  • Disk adapter failure
  • Network adapter failure and more...
  • Standard HPSS software
  • HACMP for AIX clustering software from IBM
  • Redhat Cluster Suite for Linux clustering software from Redhat
  • Redundant hardware components

Implementation Features
  • Two HPSS core server machines: one primary and one standby.
  • Primary computer services requests using "service interface."
  • Metadata is mirrored across busses.
  • "Keep alive" messages in AIX are exchanged between primary and standby over Ethernet and TTY cable (to prevent isolation).
  • "Keep alive" messages in Linux are exchanged between primary and standby over Ethernet and shared disk.
  • Network adapter failure causes a standby adapter to assume the IP and hardware address of the failed adapter.
  • Failures of disk, disk adapter, and cables are resolved by AIX mirroring over dual busses.
  • Primary computer failure results in the standby computer assuming the IP and hardware addresses of the service interface, taking control of the metadata disks, and restarting HPSS.

*HA-HPSS is available from IBM by special bid arrangements.

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