Scalable Capacity
As architects continue to exploit hierarchical storage systems to scale critical data stores beyond a petabyte (1015 bytes) towards an exabyte (1000 petabytes), there is a equally critical need to deploy a high performance, reliable and scalable HSM.

Who developed HPSS?

HPSS is the result of over a decade of collaboration among five Department of Energy laboratories and IBM, with significant contributions by universities and other laboratories worldwide.

What do HPSS users store?

HPSS provides storage management for a diverse set of digital library, science, engineering and defense applications and safeguards a range of data including nanotechnology, genomics...

Who has a petabyte or more?

These HPSS Collaboration Members' sites have accumulated a petabyte or more of data, in a single HPSS file system. Some have passed fifteen petabytes, heading for twenty.
What is High Performance Storage System?
HPSS is software that manages petabytes of data on disk and robotic tape libraries. HPSS provides highly flexible and scalable hierarchical storage management that keeps recently used data on disk and less recently used data on tape. HPSS uses cluster, LAN and/or SAN technology to aggregate the capacity and performance of many computers, disks, and tape drives into a single virtual file system of exceptional size and versatility. This approach enables HPSS to easily meet otherwise unachievable demands of total storage capacity, file sizes, data rates, and number of objects stored.

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What's New?
HPSS @ SC15 - SC15 is the 2015 international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis. SC15 will be in Austin, Texas, from November 16th through 19th - Learn More. Come visit the HPSS folks at the IBM booth and schedule an HPSS briefing at the IBM Executive Briefing Center

Swift On HPSS - OpenStack Swift Object Server implementation enables objects created using the Swift API to be accessed by name in HPSS - /account name/container name/object name. Legacy HPSS files can be accessed using the Swift API. Contact us for more information.

2015 HPSS Users Forum - The HPSS User Forum 2015 will be hosted by SciNet in Toronto, Canada from Monday, September 28 through Friday, October 2. For more information.

HPSS @ ISC15 - ISC15 is the 2015 International Supercomputing Conference for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis. ISC15 will be in Frankfurt, Germany, from July 12th through 16th - Learn More. Come visit the HPSS folks at the IBM booth and schedule an HPSS briefing at the IBM Executive Briefing Center

2015 HPSS Training - The next HPSS System Administration course from August 24th - 28th. For more information and registration.

HPSS @ MSST 2015 - MSST 2015 is the 31st International Conference on Massive Storage Systems and Technology. This year's theme is Media Wars: Disk versus FLASH in the Struggle for Capacity and Performance. Learn More

NCSA in production with RAIT - A massive 380 petabyte HPSS system was successfully deployed. -- the world’s largest automated near-line data repository for open science. Learn more from NCSA, and HPCwire. The new HPSS system went into production using HPSS Redundant Array of Independent Tapes (RAIT) tiers, which is similar to RAID, providing redundancy for a tape stripe. RAIT allows HPSS customers to meet their performance and redundancy requirements without doubling their tape cost. Learn more about RAIT.


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